Personalized Supermarket Tour      $225
or Kitchen Make-Over

Do you ever feel overwhelmed when reading food labels or wonder which product is the healthier choice?  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  Consumers make unhealthy choices daily based on those confusing labels and misleading health claims.

Knowing how to read food labels and ingredient content will allow you to make better choices for you and your family.  Andrea will spend sixty minutes with you at the supermarket of your choice or kitchen.  On the tour you will learn how to:

  • Read and interpret food labels
  • Effectively scan products for additives, preservatives, chemicals
  • Define organic, whole-grain, low-fat, low-sodium, natural, lite, etc.
  • Determine the most nutrients from fresh, frozen and canned items
  • Navigate the supermarket for the healthiest foods
  • Choose healthy products to stock your fridge and pantry
  • Food placement in kitchen to encourage healthy eating
  • Create a personal shopping list to help you reach your goals
  • Save time and money while at the supermarket
  • Be more confident and enjoy shopping at the Supermarket

Contact me today to schedule an individual supermarket tour or a tour with family and friends! This might be the ticket to get your teenager to start eating healthier.

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