Personalized Meal Plans with 1 hr Consult Plus Follow-up    $299

Do you get tired of planning your meals and snacks for the week?  Don’t worry, let Andrea plan for you.  Based on your specific energy needs, food logs, food likes and dislikes, and personal goals, Andrea will plan one week’s worth of meals and snacks to supply consistent energy throughout the day while taking the guesswork out of meal planning.  Meal planning includes:

  • Optional personal visit to discuss health assessment and diet records
  • Personalized menu with 7 days of meals and snacks
  • A substitution list, so combining foods into meals becomes quick and easy
  • Learning how to include healthy foods into your favorite meals
  • Saving time and energy developing a grocery list
  • Being more confident when eating for health
  • Recipes upon requests

Personalized meal plans are ideal for anyone looking to simplify their eating strategies. Contact me today…it’s easy to get started!

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