“Nothing tastes as good as feeling good about yourself!” – Andrea Gorman


Working a full time job and raising children (and trying to do it right) is almost impossible. My husband and I both realize the importance of good nutrition and exercise for us and our kids, but it has been really hard to get motivated. We had good intentions, but never followed through. A friend told us about Andrea Gorman. We checked her out, and decided this might be a good source. It was! We connected with Andrea, worked with her over the phone and video to set up some personal consultations. As a result, we have learned ways to plan and prepare “fast, easy meals” for dinner, what healthy snacks to keep on hand for the kids, etc. It is all about making the right choices and we have found that with a plan, it isn’t that hard!  Andrea is always available for our questions and concerns. Not only have we been enlightened, but we feel comfortable and enjoy time spent talking with her!

Marjorie and Stan M. Chicago, IL.


My husband and I have always been very active.  However, as we age, we see that we have slowed down some and are both dealing with some physical issues as well as gaining weight.  We have always been able to eat what we wanted, then exercise it off!  We decided we needed to not only change our eating habits, but to focus on an overall healthy lifestyle change.  Dr. Andrea worked with both of us on a regular basis, teaching us to monitor our calorie intake, and to make better food choices. She also provided us with an exercise program that would fit into our busy lives. She emphasized the importance of a weight lifting program that would help us prevent muscle loss as we age. As a result of working with Dr. Andrea, we are back on track and feeling so much better about ourselves, both mentally and physically!

Anne and Jake W. Mesa, AZ


Andrea helped my daughter overcome an eating disorder she had during her high school years.  Andrea was very approachable, sensitive to her needs, and therefore gained my daughter’s trust.  Through working with Andrea, my husband and I learned more about eating disorders.  The cause is not bad food nor poor parenting, which was a relief to us.  My daughter is now an outstanding college student and no longer struggles with eating.

Cindi L. Scottsdale, AZ.


Andrea helped me lose 10# and still going….  Thanks.

Clyde P. Tempe, AZ


I had gastric band surgery last year and was frustrated with the small food portions.  Dr. Andrea worked with me on a diet plan where I didn’t feel hungry and was still able to lose weight.  I was successful with my weight loss and reached my final goal weight of 145#.

H.R. Scottsdale, AZ


Andrea helped me lose weight and feel better about myself!  When I met Andrea, I was seeing another personal trainer and was not getting anywhere.  I told Andrea I initially wanted to lose about 20 pounds—I really didn’t think I could lose anymore. Andrea set up a weight loss plan for me, including meal planning, personal training, and an activity schedule on the days we did not train together.  So far, I have lost 30 pounds and getting compliments right and left.  I have 3 pounds to go until I reach my ideal body weight and I have Andrea to thank for my success.   I never feel hungry on the plan provided and am actually eating more food than ever before.  Andrea understands my food likes and dislikes, hectic schedule, and stress level.  She tailored my weight loss plan just for me.  I have fewer junk food cravings than before and eating more fruits and vegetables than I knew possible.  I would highly recommend Andrea to anyone wishing to lose weight.

Sandy N. Gilbert, AZ


Andrea presented a series of interactive workshops of “Nutrition Beginnings” to our middle and high school students. Not only providing them with information on nutrition, she taught them the importance of a healthy lifestyle. The students were able to experience “hands on” food preparation, and were able to sample various unfamiliar fruits and vegetables! Andrea taught them that there were other tasty choices out there besides junk food!  She emphasized that they could be in charge of what they eat, and that choosing “healthy” could be a lot of fun! Andrea has an aptitude for teaching at the students’ level. The information was simply presented, the class was fast paced and exciting! All of the students remained interested and involved. Students and teachers both benefited greatly from this class.  In this day of increased obesity in adults as well as our children, Andrea’s information should reach everyone!  Thanks Andrea!

Teachers, Springfield Public Schools Classroom


Andrea helped me control my blood sugar.  I have had diabetes for 10 years now and never really had it under control.  Andrea showed me how to make healthier food choices, taught me how to read food labels, and increase my activity level by walking 20 minutes a day. I feel more confident about myself, my health, and eating.  Plus grocery shopping is now simple.

Bob T. Apache Junction, AZ


I highly recommend Dr. Gorman.  I had the privilege of taking her beginning nutrition course at the local community college.  I didn’t realize I never knew how to eat properly.  Over the course of the semester, I lost 25# just by implementing simple strategies Andrea introduced to our class.  Even though the class wasn’t about weight loss, just eating healthier makes a difference on the scale.

Justin S. Chandler, AZ


I refer my patients to Andrea Gorman for weight loss, diabetes, and polycystic ovarian syndrome.   My patients have had success with Andrea and she is a delight to work with.

Dr. Maggie M.


I am a personal trainer and refer clients to Andrea frequently to assist in weight loss.  Andrea has also presented nutrition information to my morning boot camp group and had great success with the gals!

S. S. Ahwatukee, AZ


Andrea met my wife and me at our neighborhood grocery store and taught us how to properly shop for my health condition.  We had three follow-up sessions with Andrea…..she kept us on track, making adjustments when necessary.  My cholesterol is now 178 mg/dl instead of 245 mg/dl and I have been off my cholesterol medication for 6 months now.  I would recommend Andrea to anyone wishing to understand confusing food labels.  She taught us how to incorporate healthy choices into easy meal planning for the week so we don’t feel like we need to eat out as often.

Roger and Sharon P.  Phoenix, AZ


Andrea presented nutrition education sessions to our soccer team.  Everyone enjoyed her enthusiasm and found her very personable.

Joy N. Mesa, AZ


My personal trainer is Andrea and we have fun working out together.  I use to dread working out alone, but now I look forward to our sessions.  I have gained strength and definition, not to mention running endurance.  Many Thanks!

Your star client, Susan B.


Dr. Andrea Gorman was asked to come to our monthly senior meeting to present on healthier eating strategies.  Andrea stayed much longer than expected in order to answer all of our nutrition and health questions. She even provided handouts in large print.  Thanks so much!

Mesa RVers


My personal trainer recommended Andrea Gorman for help with my eating habits.  I was a fast-food junkie and now I eat much healthier and many more colors than ever before.

C.W. Queen Creek, AZ


Andrea completed a diet analysis of each person in our family.  We thought we ate fairly healthy and were surprised to find we were eating too many carbs, calories, and bad fats. Andrea discussed the importance of getting vitamins and minerals from whole foods while encouraging healthy eating by key food placement in our kitchen.  We find healthy changes are easy and fun to make.  All the Best!

The Watkins Family


As firefighters we need to go to the grocery store every shift to shop for dinner.  Our shopping and eating habits were poor because we never had proper education on how to shop for food, we just did it. Andrea has been instrumental in helping us shop and eat healthier and smarter by teaching us how to read and compare food labels.  This information has provided guidance in the way we prepare meals so we reduce our fat and sodium intake. She has improved our eating habits tremendously in an easy-to-do way that didn’t require us to make big changes.  Andrea also has been very receptive to answer follow up questions about nutrition and what ingredients are best to help us eat healthy.

L276 “A” Shift, Tempe Fire Department

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