Health Assessment Plus Follow-Up (personal visit/phone/video)    $250

Skype and Yahoo Messenger are video options. In the Phoenix Valley area, personal consultations can be arranged.

Everyone can benefit from a nutrition assessment!  Do you have a medical condition, want to lose or gain weight, improve performance, increase energy, or just learn how to eat better and become healthier?

Based on your nutrition and health intake information, personal goals, and any lab work you have, Andrea will:

  • Review your diet and discuss any areas of concern
  • Provide nutrition and health education based on your needs, food likes/dislikes
  • Offer suggestions to improve your current lifestyle regarding nutrition, health, and wellness, and possible supplementation
  • Provide advice on dietary supplements, ergogenic aids, and popular diets
  • Provide education on healthy food choices in restaurants as well as those social events
  • Work with you to develop nutrition and health goals without giving up those favorite foods
  • Customize a personal eating plan for you
  • If meeting in person, Andrea has the capability to take body composition measurements
  • Provide one follow-up session to review goals and your personal eating plan

Contact me today.  Let’s get started on a Healthier You!

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