By working smarter and therefore more efficiently you will begin to see the results you dreamed about.  My workout programs utilize a variety of traditional strength, aerobic, and functional methods to develop coordination, to decrease your risk for injury, and enhance your performance.  I incorporate techniques from yoga, pilates, bodybuilding, balance training, power training, and sport-specific training to specifically design a workout program for all body types and abilities producing the results you expect.

Personal Training Individual Session    $90
  • Sixty minute personal training session at home or at a fitness center of your choice
  • Workout program specifically designed for you utilizing an approach that addresses aerobic, strength, and flexibility components of an exercise program
Increased Flexibility Session    $90

Consider the benefits of becoming more flexible. Effective stretching improves circulation and range of motion of joints while relieving stress!   Sounds good to me!  Stretches can be targeted to reduce muscle soreness, improve performance as well as preventing injuries.

  • Fifty minutes of increased stretching to improve your flexibility
  • Sessions at home using an exercise mat and Andrea’s flexibility items
  • Full range of motion exercises that focus on all muscle groups
Lifestyle Package    $860

This deluxe package includes Everything you need to achieve your lifestyle makeover!

  • Complete Nutrition and Health Assessment
  • Complete Diet Analysis
  • Personalized menu with 7 days of meals and snacks
  • 8 sixty minute Personal Training sessions
  • Individual workout program designed for you on the days we are not training together
  • Continual nutrition follow-up and advice throughout the package

I train clients weekly, bi-weekly, and several times per week, depending on your needs. Contact me so we can get started on a healthier YOU!

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