Surviving the Holidays- Part 2 Party Tips

Do you feel overwhelmed by food during the holidays?  Are those parties stressing you out?  Are you worried about packing on the pounds?  Well, worry no more!

Healthy eating can be a realistic goal during the holiday season if YOU take control of the holidays rather than allowing the holidays to control you.  There will be some planning involved, but don’t worry… you can still have your cake and eat it too!

Holiday Tips

Eat a light meal/snack before the holiday party.  Studies show YOU will overeat if you skip meals and arrive at the party hungry. Trying to save your calories for the party food will only set you up for failure.  

Alternate water with alcoholic beverages.  Alcohol is metabolized as fat and calories can add up quickly.  Light beer or a champagne spritzer are lower calorie choices.

Bring vegetables or fruit platter to the party. These colorful foods are loaded with vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, fiber, and contain few calories…. YOU know you will have at least one item that will be guilt-free eating.

Plate it!  Avoid picking at foods and eating out of packages this holiday season.  Studies show if you put ALL foods on a plate, you will eat fewer calories.  Try choosing smaller plates too.

Snack on low-glycemic carbs and lean proteins. Vegetables with hummus/ unsweetened yogurt and apple slices with nut butter can help reduce hunger so you will consume fewer calories.

Make a single trip ONLY through the buffet line. Yes, you can enjoy your holiday favorites, but keep portion size in mind. Think of the 80/20 rule: Fill your plate 80% with colorful, healthy foods (lean proteins, fruits, veggies) and the other 20% with your holiday favorites.

Exercise ONLY on the days you Eat!  Exercising an hour per day burns calories, relieves holiday stressors, and releases good endorphins to decrease that Grinch in you! Keep in mind, however, that you have to walk briskly 30 minutes to burn off one small piece of pumpkin pie.

Eat Smart and Be Well!  So Long 2011!

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