Make Fitness Fun

Physical activity is the basic ingredient to good health. 

Your body was designed to move, so use it!  The benefits of exercise are difficult to ignore as they impact every aspect of daily living.  Being fit allows you to rely on your body when you need to stand up, sit down, play with the kids, move things, perform home repairs, household chores or participate in hobbies, sports and leisure activities.  By being physically active, you can expect to gain strength, flexibility and muscle, while decreasing body fat and chronic pain.  You can also expect healthier sleep patterns, improved posture and most importantly, live longer by reducing risks of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes.  Exercise can also brighten your mood by decreasing anxiety and depression.     

People of all ages can benefit from regular physical activity.  Current recommendations suggest striving for 30 minutes of daily moderate physical activity.  With your doctor’s approval, get started today. 

Simple Ways to Increase your Physical Activity:

  • Put down the remote!  Limit your time spent in front of the television, computer and other sedentary activities. 
  • Join a fitness or community center that offers a variety of fitness choices.
  • Take the family on a hike or challenge your kids to a basketball or tennis game.
  • Squeeze fitness into your daily routine by walking the dog, taking the stairs, and parking farther away.

Tips for Staying Motivated:

  1. Start Slowly.  Don’t push yourself too hard in the beginning to avoid burn-out, pain, or injury.
  2. Choose Variety.  Variety will keep you interested.  Alternate walking with swimming, biking, flexibility activities, or various fitness classes or programs.  Do some activities indoors and others outside.  Perform activities by yourself as well as with others.
  3. Have Fun!  If you are not finding enjoyment in the activity, drop it!  Pick something else up.  Trade those running shoes in for a swimsuit or aerobic video for a tennis racket.
  4. Set Goals.  Begin simple and progress to longer term goals.  Begin walking 5 minutes, then 20 minutes, followed by completing a 5K walk.  Make goals Realistic and Achievable.  Don’t forget to put it on paper and give yourself occasional rewards.

If you have come to the conclusion that your health is important but time is an obstacle, be persistent in scheduling daily physical activity.  Several benefits may occur swiftly such as improved sleep patterns and mood.   However, others need a consistency for long-term results, for instance decreasing weight, blood pressure and cholesterol.   

So what are you waiting for?  You Can Do It!

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